UBCard’s awesome features are closing all the gaps when compared with the other business card applications!


What is UBCard?

A platform allows you to turn your business cards into digital cards managed & controlled seamlessly by your mobile number.


Your Mobile No. is the Key

Your mobile number is the key identifier for your business card, exchanging business cards simply by exchanging mobile numbers.


Simple exchange mechanisms

Ability to send exchange cards in different ways i.e. NFC, email and SMS. Second party doesn’t need to have the UBCard installed to exchange cards


Your business card is alive

when updating your card the updates goes to all you contacts; exclusive feature.


Create your Card in 30 Sec.

It takes less than 30 seconds to create your card when signing up with LinkedIn credentials.


Security & Privacy

Users have full control of who can view their business card and what information is Visible.


Image Processing

Create your digital cards & convert other cards collected by snapping a photo, image processing.



Customize your card as you please with different themes to choose from that suites your needs and profession.



Ability to write notes on cards received as a reminder of the person or a task to perform i.e. send CV, met at IoT conference.


UBCard offers a FREE version with great features and a premium version with very advanced features for a competitive price!

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